Passion 2010 meeting

Well my friends, it was again one big blast! The 2010 edition showed a new standard on quality to me. But  most important even more friendship. Just a report....

It was so amazing. 38 friends and trusted vintage Rolex freaks. Sharing their passion and watches. And what watches we have seen. Not only rare... but also collections so balanced and well put together! And as we tell for the last 2 years now... quality. It's all about quality! Not just references. But quality and look for detail and history. Like  great explorer which has seen the top of the Mount Everest. A Killy so mint.. like born. Rare Daytona's in detail....
I was very impressed by the devotion of the people bringing this watches together! Imagine the hours of search and re-search!

And i was most impressed by the trust among the people. Trusting each other in all relaxed atmosphere to touch, wear those treasures. That is the biggest magic of the Passion Meeting. That special meeting and brotherhood.

Well enough words.. here are some images...

What a line-up!!!!!

6538 A

5 3-6-9 where there. Great watches!

A perfect 4-liner is such a cool watch!


5514 big numbers

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