Passion within 12 month...a great new calendar!

Well, normally i am not so into calendars.... but this one is great. About 8 month ago we spoke about his concept and it sounded so great. Now it is ready. Done by a passionate Rolex collector and high-class fashion photographer. Andreas you did a great job!!!

Andreas did this project with great energy. Combining his two passions to make something new. I have never seen it before in the watch-collectors world. The combination of vintage watches and modern fashion lifestyle photography. Not on this level. High class printing, big size. Hasselblad quality of details. Limited edition. But most important. Great images. With a lot of atmosphere. Cool watches... Newmans, Patek, Comex,..1675...

It is not on the market yet. But i got my copy already. I am very proud!

Would love to been there during the shooting! Great creative atmosphere!

Recognize that 1665... ;-) Look down below the blog LOOL!

And my favorite....

I really respect all the energy and also risk taken to make it happen. Great when people live their dreams!
I know what it takes to get such a professional calendar at the end of the bumpy road.

On this website you can find more details and info about how to get it.
I am happy with mine. Can't wait till 2011.

Thanks Andi and good luck ... hope it all works out great!

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