WTB original owner vintage Rolex watches !!!!!

More and more i feel the need to find first owner watches (vintage Rolex). Watches with a personal history. Watches that have not been played with by dealers and other people. Unchanged time-capsules of vintage Rolex passion. They also give me that special feeling and emotional connection. Knowing, such watch was part of some ones life-story and not just a object of desire. Every watch tells it's story. And as i am so interested in stories i want to discover those treasures. And keep the story alive...

I hope to find some nice watches in the future! To cherish them in my collection!

So if you are the original owner of a vintage sports Rolex. And old Submariner, GMT, Seadweller or Daytona..... and you want to sell. Please let me know. Or maybe you know one for sale...

Please contact me > MAIL BERNHARD

Thanks for the help!!!


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