A big thank YOU!!!!

Woow... i am surprised! Just looked at some numbers and statistics of the blog. And i am totally amazed.
Seems that the last 6 month this blog received more then 130.000 visits. I am really blown away by that number. I was already happy when a small group would be enjoying this blog. But so much. I only can give you a humble thank you all for visiting.
And it gives me extra boost to keep focused on posting! Hope you will keep enjoying this place.

Also great to see so many visitors directed from othe blogs. More in into fashion and lifestyle! Fantastic! As the worlds indeed blend and match. Maybe i should also do some more posts on cool other stuff blending with vintage Rolex. Will post some of the cool blogs here also!



5 reacties:

  1. I pass by to check out your awesome pictures and to be educated...so Thank you!

  2. Great blog, great numbers :) Keep on going!

  3. Your blog is pure result of passion. Many thx.

  4. Really like your blog and especially your threads on r-l-x!

    Look where I've found a picture that is most likely from you:


    So apparently your pics are not only good for rolex geeks but also for the "common" user :)


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