19th of March. Big Rolex-Event in Maastricht JOIN!!

Philipp is pulling off a great event. A event about the Mount Everest expedition and watches. But also about collecting vintage Rolex. It will be held in a fantastic place in Maastricht. Real amazing atmosphere. And with drinks and dj after the presentations. Special presentations about collecting vintage Rolex (also presentation of watches)... and the son's of Tensing and Hillary will be there and give a lecture... Well see the invitation from in this post for more info and how to join the gang. As it will be quite a big event. Which you should not miss.

Here is his invitation:

As some of you around here already know me over the years a little better then just reading my posts, it will be no surprise that I cherish a deep passion for my beloved Rolex. Their enormous history and specially their world famous Heritage & exploring innovation of their tool-watch concept made me follow my dreams. Many interesting 'encounters' have taken place over the past months that I wanted to share with my 'family' here on VRF but for all kinds of reasons it was not..let's use the word possible and describe
it as: A thin line between passion & obsession

After contacting the maestro Richard himself, I'm proud to announce a special vintage Rolex Meeting in Maastricht, NL on Saturday the 19th of March. Every passioned VRF-reader is invited to come and join us! all my 100 % Passion Members friends in particular!! There will be an exhibition on vintage sport Rolex and their goodies and a lecture about the challenges and pitfalls of collecting. Special guest will be George Band (one of the last living members of 1953 British Mount Everest Expedition) and his 2 memorable Rolex watches he used!

The afternoon will be followed by an exciting evening program. Peter Hillary & Jamling Norgay, sons of world famous Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay will give their duospeech "Two generations of Everest Mountaineers". They will share their personal accounts on their father's accomplishments and talk about teamwork and power of survival. And last but buy no means least, you can join us for an after party with DJ and drinks until the wee hours of the night.

To be clear, the whole revenue will go to the preservation of the Himalaya and support of its inhabitants, by donating to the Foundations of the Hillary & Tenzing families.

So there it is, passion, inspiration and celebration in one go!!!

Click the image to blow up and read the invitation:

2 reacties:

  1. THANKS Bernhard!! It will definitly become a relaxed day full of Passion.

    Looking forward to it !

  2. As a Belgian neighbor, I will join in.




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