A trip needed...

Last weekend i was away with my wife. For a short trip. Just the 2 of us. Well needed after a lot of work and little time together. A friend adviced me this new hotel. In Bonn, Germany. It was fantastic!

I wasn't much into shopping, city.. outgoing. But more into relax. And it was an amazing hotel. Everything styled by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. Price winning hotel. I was surpised.
The stuff was really nice. Sushi was all relaxed. Spa clean and not to big. Everything had the feel of being taken care off.
A great stay. No need to go outside.

The hotel is the Kameha Grand in Bonn (near Cologne).

Here are some images (some i took from internet, as my Iphone does not show the beauty of it all).

The rooms...

The spa:

The central area:

Nice lunch at daytime:

Sushi at night... 

It was a great short trip.. with some sun to end it in style.

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