Cooool Antwerp

I love to visit cities. Not so much the old style, all perfect cities/part. But the cities, which are coming from a industrial past. Or have their problem area's. And often you see the change and most energy in those area's... when the creative industry is taking it's place. Often the first to start. Raw... 

Antwerp in Belgium is such a city. With it's dock's and real 'down' looking area's. With an old historic centre. Now there is so much new creativity. Cool shops and restaurants. A lot of culture. Antwerp became the fashion city of Belgium. With the fashion museum and a lot of great shops with fashion from young designers in the area. The nicest part is called 'Het Zuid' (the south). 

Cool veggie-restaurant in the center. Where Moby etc... had their lunch.

A cool shop.. with it's 40 year old interior and new designer fashion.

Philipp... the Everest FrenchFries LOOOOOOL!

We had great luck with the weather.. so some drinks at the water where more then welcome.
Mike.. this one was on you ;-)

We finished the day with some great  food.

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