Knokke... girls wear Datejust

I was at Knokke beach the last days. A well needed break with the family. Sun... relaxed fun. And the funny thing was... that all the girls and woman there where wearing Rolex. Datejust.....

But all in Knokke was so funny. All the people working soooooo hard to stand out. To by that Porsche 4s... the Bentley... Ferrari... Hermes, LV... Rolex.
And then almost everyone there was driving or wearing it ... and cruising along the boulevard. LOOL! Gone was the difference. No standing out in the crowd LOOL. We are such poor sheap!!! Running along to fit in the group.

And i guess i understand now.. why Rolex is more and more putting focus on female buyers. 5-15K Datesjust.... all around. Way more then male Rolex watches on the wrist. I only had a poor GMT and a faded watch with me ;-)

The coolest wheels in Knokke ;-)

5 reacties:

  1. Het is al lang niet leuk meer in Knokke. Teveel posers.

  2. Absoluut.... 90% posers.
    Maar leuk om te zien... en jezelf niets van aantrekken.

    Ik geniet van het strand.. en de lekkere winkeltjes met hapjes...
    Dat mis ik in Zeeland.

  3. Laatst in Knokke geweest.. veel bling bling (Audemars P.) en dure auto's en geen 1 vintage horloge tegen gekomen.. Wel heerlijk eten, gezellige terrasjes en lekker weer :)


  4. drankje gedaan bij La Terrasse du Zoute?
    je pist er in je broek man van dat volk!

    verder top stad om lekker te winkelen :)


  5. Must be full of investment bankers and footballers!


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