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As the stats of my blog show, a lot of people who are interested into vintage Rolex are visiting this blog. A lot of people who are not into collecting vintage Rolex yet also. So for these people starting the love for this fantastic watches and hobby. Here is a little review on Mondani editore. They create a lot of great books. Which for me and a lot of other collectors where the starting point of their trip.

As when you begin, the world of vintage Rolex seems soooo big and strange. So many references, versions... details. Books like the Submariner book. GMT book etc... are giving quite a good overview. When you go deeper you will find there is much more to the collecting world,.. more details.. more knowledge.. then given in those books alone. But they are a great starting point to get into this world. To have a look at references and styles. Evolutions... etc. 
Great fun on the couch! I spend quite some time with them. Look at their website for a total of their collection of books....

And here you find one of the latest books. The Rolex Gallery. An overview of all kind of references and type of watches. From most simple Date.. to Moonphase Chrono's. As said a great starting point to get into vintage Rolex.

Daytona's.... in all ages!

Great complicated Rolex watches:


Submariner and Seadweller

Text from Mondani:


With more than 1000 images, this book provides the main characteristics of all Rolex watches.


“ROLEX GALLERY” is a complete journey through all the vintage and modern models produced by Rolex.

With new images and updated information, this edition shows from the rarest models to the most dressy ones, to those that represents a dream for watch collectors.

Every chapter of this book represents a type of Rolex watch:
Air-King, Bubble Back, Chronographs, Daytona, Explorer, Moon Phases, GMT-Master, Milgauss, Oyster Date,
Oyster DateJust, Oyster Day-Date, Oyster No Date, Prince, Quartz, Submariner, Turn-O-Graph and Yacht Master.

Over 100 different Daytona, 100 Chronographs, 50 GMT-Master, 50 Submariner are showed together with many other watches.

“Rolex Gallery” also provides the course of Rolex history, focusing on those watches that have made history.

“ROLEX GALLERY” is a clear, detailed and updated guide for all those who want to approach and understand the
market of Rolex wristwatches.

This book is within everyone’s reach however at the same time represents a useful guide for Rolex collectors.


Good luck on your ride.. and have fun with those books. My wife was happy... as they filled up the house LOOL!

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