Passion meeting 2011 >>> It was amazing!

Another year gone by. Passion 2011 was another blast. So much relaxed fun and great watch talk. So many great watches. But not only like the hot grails of the month. In this group we see different style, different taste. Which makes it extra great. What we see are also great GMT's... but then with just the right patina, great case,  or little details.
As there was so much to see, in this post i will show you some images of the event. On later posts the next weeks i will focus on some of the watches and show some more detail and stories with it. 

So here are the images. Passion was real great this year. It is amazing how much effort the people take to join us from all over the world. And how much great energy they bring. Friendships and trust is a big factor in this. And good fun. With oysters and beer/wine the evening before. And the 2 days at the location. We where so lucky on the weather again.

Quite some bigcrowns...

6200, 5510, 6538, 6538 4-lines all there...

Square crownguard 5512!

Gold Killy!!!!! Serpico !!!!!!!!!

Killer 6200!!!!

Newmans are so nice!!!

The Panerai bunch!

Crazy Mike ;-)

It was such a blast!!!! Philipp and i are so proud to be hosting such great community of passionado's.
Big thanks for joining our friends!!!

More to come... soon!

2 reacties:

  1. Fantastic pictures of a really great event!!

    Passion 2011 was the best... this GTG just gets better every time!

    Thanks to you and Philipp!!

    Mike Wood


  2. Many thanks for your great compliment Mike!!

    It's not easy to keep even after the 4th Edition of PM,
    collectors like you so impressed about our meeting!

    See you soon ;-)


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