The NEW 114060 in da house!

Woow... to be honest. It's really nice! 4 line pure toolwatch pleasure.

I lost the way Rolex was going for the last years. Did not like the new watches. Only the Heritage Chrono (Tudor). But this one is really nice! Love the bac to basic, but in a 2012 style look of it. The new GMT looks to shiny for me.. i don't like the loupe on the date sub. But this is cool. Reduced to the max again. Not one of these shiny metal bracelets. No this is again toolwatch quality!!!

And even the new size feels nice!

I will do a wider report the next days... but really like this one..

Old and new.... about 1960 and 2012....

More to come.....

5 reacties:

  1. The last image is super cool!!! absolutely amazing!

  2. I'd really like to know if you like it better than the 4 line random serial 14060M?

  3. See my review... i feel the 114060 is nicer then the 14060. Sure.. the 14060 has a very classic and classy look. But as said in my review the small indexes in combination with the to fat bracelet on the 14060 makes the Submariner-look less dominant then i prefer... as also is on the old vintage Subs.

    So for me personally the 114060 is nearer to the style/look of the old Subs then the 14060. But of course with a 2012 twist because of size and shape of case.

    I really liked the 14060... also the best of it's era between the other versions then... reduced to the max. But i like the new one better as it pops out more.... casewise, dialwise.

  4. Great report Bernhard! I just tried this watch yesterday at a Rolex dealer. I love it! Will get it soon......The case and the wrist presence is just fantastic. Rolex did a great job here. Thanks for your great blog. Like it very much. Daniel

  5. The far superior bracelet alone makes the Ceramic model a big upgrade over the 14060. I too prefer the larger indices and hands. They look a bit closer to the original plastic Subs like that.


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