114060 put to the test

Well, someone has to do it. It's a hard life as blogger. Getting a new tool-watch. And then sitting here at home... testing. It just does not work. So you have to leave and test the watch to what nature and man have to offer... in name of watch-science.
A 2 weeks endurance test...

Well you see at home it was 16 degrees and just some rain. So as a cool tool-watch a Submariner needs to find other challenges in a decent test. Sand, heat, sun, water, rocks,... tool-watch life. And as a Rolex also some style and class to see if it can match the quality of the old Rolex and Bond in a suite... etc. You know those images from the past. So here we go... 

First i want to show you some images of the research environment....

What makes this challenge so special for me.. is that this is the first time i had to do with 1 watch for more then 2 weeks! Even with the last trip with the Heritage Chrono i also had the blue GMT with me. And swapped day by day. Now the watch had to stay all those day's... day and night...  and it succeeded great. It did not bore me.

And because of the great clasp construction it was easy to change between left and right wrist sooo easy. 3 second swap which makes it fun!

 Here are some images of the homebase of the test.

So let's put it into the pool test first. And this is one of the coolest looks a Submariner can have... under water. When inside of the case/dial becomes so fat. Such cool effect... look at the changing looks.

On the beach... 

But of course you must be able to wear it dressed and at a restaurant.. and it still must fit the style. It does!
At a cool lounge bar...

Or old town Pollensa ... during dinner. La Fonda restaurant.. one of the best there. You should enjoy it one day.

And of course deep under water.. as it is a Sub. So i did put all my fears aside and went down under water... about 17 mtr. At Formator Island. No images down below.. sorry. I wish i had the gear for that...

By the way.. anyone up for a new home / kind of island.... as i was told the woener was offered 40.000.000;- for this place and declined. So for the people with really deep pockets.. go for it ! You get the firehouse with it. All of what you see is yours... 

 And a lot of snorkling...  this time at our neighbours place... in Cala Pi.

This is the view close to their home...  and just near by. For rent.. 1500 euro a day oeps....
 Again the test with some good dinner, style and food...
I have to admit it was not easy. And actually... Rolex should sponsor me to take such harsh challenges. But it was a pleasure to do. The 114060 sub is an amazing watch. I still like it a lot.
It will not change my passion for vintage watches. And when i came home i needed to put a vintage Sub on my wrist. But funny enough.. the next day i put the 114060 back on. It really feels well on the wrist.

Well done Rolex!


Dear watch lover. We are proud to inform you.. that this review has been visited by more then 90.000 people over the period it has been published.. i hope we where able to inform you as also infect you with the Rolex virus. Its an great watch.

In the meanwhile we started a new venture > Bulang & Sons. And next to watches and great products like handmade straps, accessories, bags, lifestyle, vintage goods and fashion, we will create an online collecting lifestyle magazine on that website. We hope to welcome you there also in the future for more reviews and watch/lifestyle fun.

Thank you, Bernhard Bulang



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4 reacties:

  1. Great trip report, Bernhard. I definitely share your sentiments about this Rolex reference - less is always more in my book. If they put a slightly domed crystal on that piece it would be a near perfect watch. Furthermore, well done on picking Spain as a vacation spot for you and the family, I'm heading there next week! Saludos!

  2. Hey B, yet another great report and, not to forget, test. Good to see you had a fanastic time over there. Time for me to go to M I guess, never been there before. At present we are in the Algarve and must admit I have two (vintage) pieces with me. As I wrote on VRF I am amazed by your comments on this watch and I must say it does look perfect. Like the picture with the diver next to you best. You have convinced me I am afraid so as soon as I'm back in NL I will check our AD too ;-)
    cheers and thanks for sharing this story,

  3. Thanks Mark,
    nice to hear from you and enjoy your stay in Portugal.

    Uhhhh 2 vintage pieces. Naughty ! ;-)

    Enjoy my friend. And yes it is really nice! We will see if it stays with you..

  4. These are really great travel photos and not to mention the steps that you made to test your beloved Rolex. You just helped me decide which particular Rolex watch to buy for the holidays. Keep us posted with more of your Rolex adventures.


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