The Maastricht Meeting 2012 (Passion)

THE MAASTRICHT MEETING of passionate Collectors 2012 has been a blast. What more to ask for then so great company of new and old friends, fantastic/mindblowing watches, 26-29 degrees and SUN… so much SUN!!!!
This year was the 5th edition of the Passion meeting. Crazy how time goes by. And a moment of reflection to Philipp and me.

First of all we want to thank all those crazy people to join in. Such efforts have been taken to be there. People from Japan, Australia, Switzerland, USA, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Sweden, GB, Austria, Netherlands,… have found their way to the little town of Maastricht.
Some already joined in on Friday for a 3 day blast…. and a blast it was.

What has changed in those 5 editions…. well every edition has it's own atmosphere. But we have seen that every year it is getting relaxter and relaxter!!!
Maybe it's because we have seen so many great watches over the year… the RUSH and OHHH/AHHHH/BOOOOHHHH is less on references.
I see people with killer grail references and collections start to get totally excited about a small and special Heuer, wooden structure dial… patina of indexes.

We have changed from reference horny people (maybe LOOL!) to people of taste for emotional special watches, No matter the price, reference. It must be high quality in condition, special in detail or has to have some very need feature. Watchwise. That is why you see less groupshots… as nobody realy cared… about number of Newman, Bigcrowns, Milsubs…. etc.

But more important….. and most IMPORTANT…. are the people.
It was such a blast this year to see a couple of first time contenders getting completely blown away… and at the same time completely relaxed and 1 level with people involved in this for years. Theire fire and passion also lightens up the one from the others again….

It was so great to listen to others… about their passion and story behind the hobby.

And that is the big tragic of the meeting for me. Philipp and i both started the meetings to share the crazy passion with friends and people of the same mind… but also with a wide audience out there. To light the fire and keep the flame burning wild….. And always the save, relaxed, humble atmosphere of the meeting was also what we tried to share. To show that it was not so much about the watches… but about friendships and honest relations between the people. Which is so important for me in this. As sometimes people said 'Passion' is just about rich people being a snob etc… elite bla, bla….

And it is so not!!!!
And you can only feel that when you have been there…. or see the way people act and enjoy the company. No matter if you have 200 or 2 watches….

But the times of today have forced us to keep all identities of people confidential. As there are people less honest…. and for the future of the event… we will only be able to share those images of watches. Tragic.. as as i said… the event is about so much more then watches.

I hope you all understand… and you still will get the feeling… without the images of all the smiling, drawling, laughing and enjoying a great time people….

Again a big, big thanks to all the people who joined us!!!
Such a blast!
Let's start with some porn then…..

This is my dream!

This is an crazy watch! NOS unworn Omani Seadweller.

Fantastic UAE Gmt!

This one is so special! 3-6-9 Sub with minute track.

6200 porn

Just such a killer beauty! Mint... so much style. JCK Chronograph.

The nicest i have ever seen!

The wood dial ;-)

Mk1 Patend Pending so cool!
Another 6200!

The 1019 Milgauss is also NOS.

Such a ultra rare bird! I have only seen like 2 live... 3-6-9 6538 with red depth!

It looks real nice on a nato. The new Tudor. Great job!

Ohhh my dream chrono again!

Just one of the nicest 5512 around!

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing blog. I just love your pictures and I believe that this is clearly the best blog I have ever seen, and I have seen lots.
    Your passion matches 100% my passion and I would love to support your blog and brand all along!!:-)
    Take care, I believe we would have a good time chatting about our passions.

    Btw. Pic 22 amazed me. The vintage gmt (prbly 1980 model?!) is something I just have to have now;-)

    Please tell me what you think about these:


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