My first gold Rolex

Well i blame it on Steve!! We all do...
But also after seeing great DayDates on the last 2 Passion events and owning a couple of Datejust over the years.. the DayDate started to stick on me. A couple of times i was at the point of buying on or mailing a seller on VRF over the last year. My heart was stolen by a whitegold Stella (green) about 2 years ago. But they have become so expansive i past on them. I kept looking. 

My favorite is a whitegold blackdial one. But hey so rare to find and also has become so expansive these days. So a loose watch.. came to mind. Gold... Gold ?? Neaayyyhhhh not for me. I passed that phase about 6 years ago with some IWC and Patek. 
But you never to old to learn LOL. I kept looking. But a i wanted something special. Something cool. 
And what strap would be best for it?

Well i found my combination. After Steve showing them.. the widebody was one i really liked. So cool. Less dress watch.. more coolness. But also i am not such a classic strap guy.. and just when i bought the watch.. i visited Philipp and there it was. I am sure most of you will dislike it. I love it!

Here we go...

The widebody are kind of rare versions. Very cool and i love the grey dial version. As it gives the watch a lof of warmth. Also the color of the grey changes with the angle of light from dark to warm light grey. As a designer i use warm grey as colour often. Like those combinations.

Of course more classic looks are also nice.. but i love that military look with this watch.

I will do a lifestyle shot / package with this one soon. To show yopu a bit of the feeling i like with it... more to come.

5 reacties:

  1. That's one of the most beautiful gold presidentials I have seen! Great photos!


  2. Love the watch, looks great on that strap. Never thought to put a day-date on a nato....where did you get the nato?


  3. Thanks Kevin... yes it is odd maybe... but that is what makes things cool. Giving it a different direction. I would not wear a Daydate on gold bracelet. I am not a President.. LOOL!

    But this way.. it has it's own individual style again.
    Sorry i don't have a address for the strap. It was a gift... i guess somewhere bought on a fair.



  4. Very nice. combo looks great.
    Ive wanted to get one like it but i dont think i can pull off anything less than a 40mm on my wrist otherwise i feel it looks too small.

    Love ur Blog by the way. Your reviews convinced me to get the new Sub no date.
    I currently own Daytona and Milguass also, but ur creativity is inspiring me to think about mix n matching my watches for different looks.
    Thx very much.

  5. Very nice.
    I want something like that also, but i think anything smaller than a 40mm looks too small on my wrist.

    By the way, im enjoying ur Blog. It helped me decide to get the new no date sub.
    I own a daytona and milguass too, and ur blog has inspired me to think about different mix n match looks for my watches. Thx very much.



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