Diversity of Rolex style...

The design of Rolex (vintage) is such timeless classic that just by changing the accessories the style changes. The watch always holds his ground. But your mood can swing from classic on whitegold/steel bracelet... to preppy like the style here.. but also....
But also a cool exploration kind of look with a vintage leather nato strap. Looks amazing with a suite..

or add some color....

Or let's be honest... don't we all like the look of an vintage Rolex on the wrist of a beautiful girl.

So everyone.... just enjoy the watches and mix and match...

2 reacties:

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested in these straps, they bring a new life to the classic daydate!

    how can u get them?

  2. Hi,

    you can just mail me and i can provide yo with them. I sell them in sets of 3 minimum....




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