Day-Date Mania...

Uhhh never thought the day-date would hit me this hard!
What a cool watch. And as one of them is leaving me today i could not resist to make this images. 3 killer day-dates together. 3 times the same reference and still 3 total different styles. 

As said before.. i can't keep them all and they will move on. Going to great collections or maybe new friends. But what a side... what color. What style. After the re-discover of the datejust... the day-date has become the surprise of 2013 for me. 

Here are some quick and dirty images of the 3. Enjoy...

3 reacties:

  1. Not before ? i'm addictive to those since a long, long time

    witch one is for sale ?

  2. Well before i was more into other references. But i really like them now. But because i bought some other watches.. i have to sell some.. ongoing prices.. LOL!.And as i want to keep the Heuer for a while... or even longer...
    I am selling the stella dial 1803 and the yellow gold one with the black indexes.

    As i also bought a WG Daydate black dial i love and wear a lot.

    So... 2 to choose from ;-)

    you can mail me...



  3. Hi Bernhard,

    You're dead right the Day-Dates are absolutely stunning (especially the Stella Dials). I also run an online watch store specialising in luxury preowned watches along side being a freelance graphic designer so really appreciate the wonderful photography and layout of both 100 percent Rolex and Also Bullang & Sons websites.

    1. A few questions, do you do any guest blogging?
    2. Are you in the market for quality preowned watches? May have a few that could be of interest to you.



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