The London Issued Meeting 2014

I am just back from another great event. The London Issued Rolex / Tudor meeting. And what a blast it was..

Another great event just passed by… i want to thank Mike Wood, Jed McCormack and Paul Maudlsey for the great hospitality and organizing such great event. It was a blast.
We met up with a bunch of about 40 people in London to celebrate vintage issued watches mainly. In a wider range. And of course a lot more of the vintage Rolex, Longines, Tudor, Panerai, IWC,.. etc watches.

As i organized the Passion meetings the last 5 years and visited a couple other big meetings i am happy to see many new faces and most important so much passion and fun together.
Its a big pity that we can’t show you the real value of this meetings. And only show you the watches. These meetings are about so much more then the watches.

Of course there are not many occasions where you can see such an display of rare and interesting watches with history and special stories in 1 place. But the main magic of these events is the twinkle in the eys of the people sharing their passion, stories and joy among each other. And celebrating friendships in a hobby that unites them.
Where else.. and with whom else can you share such crazy addiction.

As said.. the biggest achievement we gained over the last years we agreed is the fact that its about the people and fun together. 
So sorry you will have to do with the images of the watches…. you are missing the feeling of the event.

We took a nice boat trip up the Thames where we had all the times to enjoy the talks, some food, drinks and the watches.

Here is one of the rarest views on the meeting to start with.

 2 of the 3-4 known gold print Omani Seadwellers. And the only 2 confirmed by Rolex. Amazing…

2 killer big crowns.

A 6200 and a mint 6538 underline.

Some super nice vintage Panerai. Super cool.

Another Omani Seadweller..... total of 4 on the sight

More Comex 

And my favorite watch of the meeting. 1938 Longines stepcase Chrono monoblock.

Did we say rare??? How about the only one …. known.

The ultra cool Grahame Fowler Tudor MN collection.

 I loved this one.

Dear Mike…. when you bring your freezer bag collection.. you have to unpack them!!! LOOOL!

And off we went for an cultural taste of the GB Empire …

And the day has come!!! Philipp is finally on his knees for TUDOR!!!

A passionate lesson on vintage watches from the 17th / 18th century and the GMT origine. When watches where used for navigation by the British ships all over the world. And the GMT time was important for navigation.

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