An amazing collectors package

We are happy to be able to present you another serious vintage classic. These days an hard to find Rolex 1680 mtr’s first Red Submariner. And we are able to present it to you in an amazing collectors package with an full set of box, papers, hangtag, booklet and even the rare cigar card. How often do you still find packages like that.
In todays market finding real nice watches has become the biggest challenge.  When the quality is right.. selling is the least problem. Like this amazing 1680 mt.'s first red submariner package was sold in 30 minutes after it went live.
And indeed it was a special package of an complete brown dial 1680 Redsub from 1969. With an fat case and amazing patina. But also the package including punched papers, hangtag, booklets and even the rare cigarette card, which stated people could use the Rolex watch box as cigarette box after they took out the watch.
The new owner is on love and we could not resist to share the images of these beauty which you...

But of course we added some more lifestyle to the package and created an B&S curated package…
The Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 duffle bag. Not just an bag. But a bag and watch that will keep you company for years to come. And will show your stories and patina…

So when you are looking for another nice piece have a look at the B&S website. There we offer some watches. Here we just want to share the love.

And when you want to sell a real nice vintage Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Heuer... etc. Please mail us or send us an message.

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