Bonhams coming up

Well it is a exciting season... Geneva was good and Bonhams coming up on December 2nd. It will be a great auction. Paul Maudsley did a great job finding some real nice watches. Last week i got my catalogue. The Explorer Dial Sub will be the blast. I guess there will be a lot of tension in the room. As i already heard quite some people will be 'very' active on it ;-). Paul told me it's from the original owner. A real rare bird! But also 2 Milsubs. A nice 5513/17 and a 5513 with provenance. Both are not full-spec anymore. And it becomes more and more clear. Full-Spec is a rare treasure these days. And prices keep being strong on them. But both watches are nice and honest. But more nice watches are at auction. 1019, 6541, nice Speedmaster, a great Patek, .... well have a look.

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