Geneva was great

What a great trip. Sorry for not posting a couple of days.. but had to make up for the lost time. But it was worth it! The auction was real good. Strong prices on good pieces. Big numbers for the real great pieces like the star-dial 6062 and 8171. The last one went into famous hands... Jean-Claude Killy himself. Who is senior member of the board of directors of Rolex. The atmosphere was great at the Christies auction and i love to see the bidding. But most fun was meeting some real nice collectors again. And their watches. Mint JC Killy, 6238 black's,.. 5514, 6538, 6200.... what a treat for this little watchlover!
Philipp's Jacques Piccard edition did well... far above list LOOL! Some money for charity! Happy for him and as i was able to witness the adventure from conception, birth till the final stage last Monday, it was great to share the full experience. More great auctions to come! Bonhams in December will be great.

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