Pick-up at the airpoort

At the Comex meeting a friend brought a very nice watch-case. Just for 2 watches. But elegant and thin. We had a talk about it. And he was told it was a dealers present, not for sale. So on my way home ... at Brussels airport my eyes felt on the display and what did i see...... i could not resist! ;-)

Nice soft material. Great looks. Montblanc did a nice job!

3 reacties:

  1. Any details on the case? Model number? Looks nice.

  2. I am desperate to find this case
    Could you please give me a hint to find it?

  3. Sorry... i don't know.
    I bought it at Brussels airport Montblanc boutique.

    I guess other boutiques can help....
    I hope so for you!
    It's great!


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