Search still goes on

Well... last week was a rollercoaster... some nice trip,.. nice friends... bad news... good news... question if to buy a Porsche again.. which one... nice wheels in London...

And the search for a great 6263/65 Sigma dial Daytona still goes on. Maybe sooon... pleeeaaaasssseee!

Enjoy your week! What are you looking for??????????
And don't forget... in the new set-up 'Read more' will bring you to extra images..

4 reacties:

  1. In July there is the "arab crazy car invasion" in London!
    I'm not arab but italian and i will arrive the next Friday !!!



  2. Is it you Francesco (darkemperer???)?

    How are you my friend?

    Yes.. guess you are right.... money mania in Maifair!
    Are you able to drive again?



  3. No!
    I'm Francesco M ! (in some international watch forum i'm
    FranzM , also the moderator of the 356 area in
    I'm Architect and industrial designer i'm 38 and a little
    collector from more 20 years of some Oyster vintage (but also
    You can found me in Milano or in Principaute de Monaco-Monte Carlo.
    For everyday from few mounths i'm in love with a Deepsea... but my prefer are ; 6239 PN , 5510 and 6238 and all the 6263/5 etc.. !

    Ah! Obviously i'm a big fan of your blog !

  4. Aaah, Cecconi's in the middle... Have sat there often time for coffee, dinner etc.
    My favorite place in London. I have been there 2011 with my submariner with NATO-strap (James Bondish) and as I was the only one in Germany wearing my sub that way I have been pretty shocked to see so many Londoniers with the NATO straps on everything.


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