The search has been finished

At one moment you ask yourself... if to buy a Porsche again. Or to live the passion for the watches. ANd save the fuel and service costs LOOL!... Well it became... the watch.

I found the watch as i wanted it. Perfect dial Daytona with ealy Sigma dial. 3.x serial. Early pushers and looks to die for. Early case with the smaller dimensions and the typical shape at the pushers.
White printing as stead of the silver print of the earliest sigma dial watches. Domed plexi. It also came with a jublilee bracelet and papers. But will make more images soon.

4 reacties:

  1. Congrats ,
    Well done my friend.

  2. Congratulations Bernhard :)

    Well deserved, hope she brings you much joy....


  3. Simple beauty!! Have a great weekend, John

  4. hey B,

    not a bad watch there! tough choice though, porsche or watch...LOL.

    <* shark >>><


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