Black Knight PAM 004A

After having owed several Panerai's in the past. Well even my first watch i bought when i started collecting was a Panerai. A fake one at first (from vintage dealer...not knowing...but that is a different story. And after that the first modern one. Later a have owned 2 127 Fiddies, 1938,.... But now... tritium did it for me. And Philipp and Bas helped me to get the right one! Paneristi here i come....

These early Panerai watches are so cool. Tritium dials. Mine is a Panerai PAM004A. PVD coated case. After Panerai started production again in the beginning of the 90th. Also for military use. These models are called pre-Vendome and are very, very rare and became so expansive these days. Even out-priced some of the vintage models. Panerai became owned by the Vendome group. They tested the market also with a series called pre-A-series. The difference between the pre-Vendome and pre-A series you can find great information about at Here is a link to some info:

Pre-A and T-SWISS-T

Well mine came after that. But still in the beginnings of modern Panerai. Among the first series. I love the combination of the PVD case and the patina of the tritium. The strap and buckle are still pre-Vendome style.Case is a 6502. It came with the typical smaller box and papers.

I really like it. Will try it also on a black strap.
Now i start dreaming of owning a pre-Vendome version!!!! Who know's...

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