Can you swim with a Patek 5970???

Yes you can LOOOOOL!... and now worries. It ain't me. But a crazy collector i had so much fun with during our stay in Mallorca.

And what a beautiful watch. Patek 5970. What a movement. Feels great on the wrist.
But askes for some (life-)style LOOL

And yes... swimming with a vintage 5513 is real cooooool!

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  2. When you respect what i am doing and feeling here... and respect the people who cherish these watches... work hard and passionate to get the,,,,, you don't post here to put on links to replica or fake watches. So i guess you understand why i delete your post!



  3. more money than sense that's for sure. chlorine corrodes gold.

    +1 for the guy swimming with a sub. that's style.

  4. What an idiot, swimming with a 5970...
    You talk about respect in the above post, but anyone with respect for such a watch wouldn't dunk it in a pool!

    This just screams "Look at me, I've got the money to do this, and you don't!", while all it does is make the owner look like a douche.

  5. Where do you get your bracelets? Do you make them?

  6. no i get them from markets... i do have great leather straps so ;-)


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