And as you might have guessed it.... 1 guitar was not enough ;-) Needed something matching....

Something with that nice faded look. Nothing to fancy by the way. But it sounds fantastic. 2004 Gibson Les Paul standard. In the series of Les Paul's a easy guitar. When you see how much this old ones cost... it's amazing. Up to 120-500K for an '59 Les Paul. Custom build ones.. and  so on. But for me it's more then great and a beauty for the eye.

I love the combination! Now i need to find me a great strap.

I am afraid... i started the next collection. LOOOL!
So what's next.. what suits a Newman? LOOL!

1 reacties:

  1. Great combo!

    Btw. would you be able to sell me one of those straps :-)


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