HTE meeting Maastricht (daytime)

The HTE event in Maastricht was a blast. For me personally. But also as event itself...

First of all.. for me as i was able to have a great friday evening, having drinks with close friends. But also having them together with Jamling Tenzing, Peter Hillary and George Band. People who have seen so much. Concqered so much. Not only all of the highest mountains of the world. But also north-pole, south-pole... you name it. To spend a really relaxed evening with them was not only great fun. But also they have a great view on life.... i was very impressed.

The next day the event was held in a great location in the center of Maastricht... Philipp and his team did a great job. Also getting a great exhebition of grail watches all around. A lot of old friends where there. And a lot of new people i met. It was fantastic!

It was all there.. a lot of Exploreres LOOL... but also 6200, 6538, 5510, pump and screw-down Newmans, 6541's.. Milsub's,.. Comex, gilt, Stella-dial, Tropical,...  Killy, vintage Patek chrono... you name it.

And of course the original watches, that have seen the top of the world. Everest, K2.. you name it.
Heinrich Harrer's Orangehand, given to Tenzing. Bands watches... from 1953 expedition (white dial) and 1955 expeditions. And on the wrists of Tenzing and Hillary the Rolex watches that where with them on Everest, K2... you name it. And pool-expedition together with Neil Amstrong.


Jamling Tenzing and Peter Hillary

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  1. Unfortunately I didn't manage to visit the exhibition. But thank you for the pictures. They talk by themselves.

    Next time for sure.

    Fred (Liege, Belgium)


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