Old and new...

I guess you understand which i think looks 10x better.
Percy from R-L-X was one of the first to post images of the new Explorer 2. The new orange hand.
Well what to say. From this picture it looks like...

For me the new Explorer 2 looks like a mix of all kind of watches. Without choosing a own statement. Big Orangehand from the old one. But indexes from the Sub + bezel from the recent Ex2 it looks like. For me it can't match the old style. Which was a understatement Toolwatch. Now it looks like all of a kind + a bit of Posh! Maybe.. i hope it looks better live.
Some images of the non-date Sub (Photoshop) looked nice ;-)

So can't wait to have one in my hand... to see how it looks live. Maybe i am mistaken.. maybe not.
Maybe i am just a sentimenal fool LOOL!

2 reacties:

  1. The new one looks great but, it isn't the original. This is the one that got away fromme and I'll never forget it.

  2. There will never be another 1655. However, the 216570 is the best Explorer 2 since and it's the best of the new Rolexes, love mine.


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