HTE meeting Maastricht (evening)

Well the evening wasn't about watches. But about passion, goals and reaching the peaks of life and the world. Philipp had Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing in Maastricht. To give a lecture about their achivements and their fathers concquest of Everest.

What an amazing evening it was. Stories about the childhood on top of the world. Trips through India.. with 100.000 people waving at the river. Northpole expedition with Neal Amstrong.... woooow... the magic of the Sherpa's. And their own expeditions to the top of the world. With death all around them. 
These guys, together with George Band, who was also there (member of 1953 expedition), gave such a great presentation. And most important. They showed, that friendship, passion and teamwork can get you anywhere. It's hard to imagine to what they have done witrh my 2011, we have it all,.. can do it all -  eyes. At those times it must have been a revolution.

Now when someone would fly to Mars.. it would be 15 minutes news and 30 minutes Youtube.  Then it must have been a milestone for humanity. So much respect.
Imagine... their fathers and George Band.. climbed, walked.. carried... throught rough nature for 1 month then. Just to reach basecamp one. With all grear. Setting up camp every night. Now we fly in...

Here are some images of the evening.

The private VIP room.. champagne was needed ;-)

The old  theatre is so nice...

Jamling Tenzing ready for his speach.

The royal gallery LOOL!


Just a short break....

Peter Hillary... 

Childhood holiday's.

What a great couple of guys. I was not only impressed by their expeditions and what they have done.
But they where also so nice and kind. I had great talks with them and a handfull of friends the night before in a bar.
A lot of drinks and great fun!

George Band. Just amazing and such a gentleman.

Some meet and great after the presentations...

And more drinks.

The evening was closed by a DJ.. and some more drinks with friends in the middle of the night.
What a event.

Big respect to Philipp for pulling this one off. 

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