Just was back in Geneva

I was just back in Geneva for 3 days. I have not seen anything of the city... then 150 mtr. boulevard. LOOL! But the trip was great with maybe a great future to come out of it. 

An early flight....  and long days of work. But it will be great.

I mainly had this view ;-)

And some walks along the lake.. for 15 minutes.

Just before i had to hit the airpoort there was time for a short lunch at one of the greatest places. La Reserve. 

And off again...
I hope to report more later.

2 reacties:

  1. A great city, indeed!
    I was there last august, celebrating my 40'th birthday.
    My wife gave me a set of Longines; a Legend Diver and a Flagship, as gifts.

    Loved the city!


  2. Great gift Frode!

    Like the city! Also a bit expansive these days ;-)


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