Back from the Spa

It's back. And all i hoped for. I love this watch. But the case condition (also unpolished) always gave me a bit of down. I love those classical lugs. And wanted the case to be freshed up. 

It gives a big confort when one of the best vintage dealers in the world, who also is very passionate about those vintage grails, offers to help. And so the watch went to Daniel... and his workshop. The result is amazing! I love it. Fresh again. Smiling on my wrist.

See the old images

What a great job in details.


3 reacties:

  1. Nice watch. I have one simular that I purchased from Watch Chest.

  2. Great site - I have been a Rolex collector for thirty years now and love the watches, thanks again for such a high quality site.

  3. Thanks to you!

    Hope to be able to do more posts Little time lately!
    Little new watches ;-)


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