Killer cooool Panerai calendar

Well... after i got the message of a friend.. i could not resist. When i had a look at the first image i was blown away.

For years now i am a huge fan of the vintage Panerai watches. Also i don't own one... i was lucky to have friends who do.. and was able to see many of those killer cool watches live. So much history and cool pure toolwatch sex in them. Amazing.

And then Auro send me these images of his new 'calendar' for 2012. I am blown away. In love! Also i am a designer. I normally never put calendars on the wall. I get many from printers etc. Even design some myself.

But this is one.. i would put on my wall. The images of brown, big. and amazing watches. See yourself!
Have to show my wife... X-Mas isn't far ;-)

Auro is the men behind the great 100 Superlative Rolex book. Ohhhh another classic. So many more on the wish-list after reading that one. And also he made a great Patek book. 

Here is his website

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