New beater arrived

You might have witnessed my search for a beater watch. Well it arrived. And created a new problem LOOOL!

New problem.. well i love the look of it. The fat indexes of a 1680. But i have owned all kind of 1680's in the past. All red-versions, also in brown, whites.. etc. But at some point i stopped to buy them as i did not like the cyclopse plexi anymore. I am a domed type of guy ;-).
So when this beauty came along with the #19 super dome installed. I was sold. 4 lines of text. Like a 5512. Fat indexes and date function. Turns the 1680 into a great combo between a thincase 1665 and a 5512 maxi dial. Best of both worlds.

So what now... i guess to get it really waterproof for diving... i need to install a new #127 plexi. With cyclopse. Ohhhhh what to do????

And ps... this is not the grail story. That one will be coming up within the next week or two.

4 reacties:

  1. Keep it like it is in the pics! And use something else for diving :)
    A 1680 with tropic #19 truly is the best of both worlds.
    I'd love to own one some day.

    Very nice blog btw!

    Regards from the Netherlands.

  2. Love it!!!

  3. Real coool looks!! Is the dial brown?????
    The first brown white 1680 i see....

  4. Not brown, but very matte black, almost grey in some light.


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