A nice escape

Well some non-watch content. But very much needed....

My wife and i found another nice hotel. Not so far away in the Belgian Ardennes with a killer view, great service and amazing atmosphere. And we enjoyed the well deserved company of only the 2 of us and the great spring sun. 20 degrees of joy. And some nice drinks. Without the kids.

It's an chateau. Not that old. But after some big restauration now a great hotel.
Look at this view.

 Ohhh that was nice...


A great spa...

 And some colours for our English friends. LOOL. Mike and Roger... your style ?

From the hotel you could enjoy a nice walk into the woods. And on our way back we even almost got hit by a dear.
And i enjoyed the views, good food, 2 nice watches and of course the company of my beloved wife.

It really was a great weekend with my wife. And keeps out the advocate for another year LOOL!

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