Fashion and vintage Rolex/watches

When i visited hip Paris lately i was a bit surprised. In the cool boutiques of Le Marais you could not only find some great shoes and cloth. But also they where often combined with some vintage (style) watches on a Nato strap.
Fashion style was some old English, combination with Canadian influences. A lot of chinos. Even Barbour jackets became hip again. Great materials. ANd great shoes. Like the next generation of Red Wings with some great handmade details. Like my new Trickers.

But as said i was surprised that there where a lot of CWC (like my SBS one), IWC pilot watch, GMT, all kind of vintage (or vintage style) watches where in the display to match the fashion. And non of the 40-47 mm watches. All smaller watches... like 35-39 mm!!!

And i found some style moodboards on the web... to illustrate the styles...

Paris was fantastic! A great couple of days in a nice area. I also visited Colette. But found it boring. As it only shows the BIG brands.. we already all know like Lanvin, etc... Done with that ;-)

I loved the inspiration. Just do it. There is more fun in pop-up stores then the normal boutiques.

And another example of the great shoe style. This time from Grahame Fowler NYC.

Some of the images are taken by The Satoialist! Crediet to him! Great blog!

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  1. I recognise quite a few of those photos from The Sartorialist - surely he deserves some sort of credit!

  2. Ohhhh of course!!
    I hope i did not give any impression i took them. Indeed some of them are from different blogs and google search. As i wanted them to illustrate what i have seen.
    As fashion-flavour of this time.

    And Satorialist is such a great one! That is why i put it in my favorites!

  3. The Marais is always our favourite place to hang out and stay in Paris. If you really want cool a place to shop you can't beat Tokyo...that place rocks!

  4. Bernhard, you must let me know!
    Where does the blue jacket in the first collage come from?

    Best, Axel.

    PS. Your blog is simply the best, keep the amazing posts coming! DS.


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