Tudor.... bad and not bad...

Tudor shows 2 sides....

Well i don't like the new Tudor based on the old Bigcrown. As with snowflake hands, patina and red insert... well it is 'retro' in a wrong way to me.

But this Tudor... imagine on a cool Nato... might be a real stunner! Snowflake....  wondering how it will be live. But feels good on the images!

4 reacties:

  1. This is better for me


  2. Not for me.
    It's 'cheap' retro style for me....
    Sorry ;-)


  3. Ok... It's cheap but not more than others Tudor !
    Anyway i like the retro style like that or like the Heritage Chrono Monte Carlo.

  4. Great watch! Sporting it all the time since I got it. And great blog! Got Yourself a new reader ;)


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