A great gift for my grail

As you have seen, this one is my dad's watch and my biggest grail. And it became even better.. as a friend send me a amazing gift...

Passion and friendship are widely spread among collectors. But also generosity! A lot of it. And so after posting my Camaro, i got from my dad for X-Mas a friend send me a great email. Not only complimenting me on the watch... but also offering to make a strap for me that will make the watch even look better. And this week it arrived. Now i can only say woooaaawww and so big thanks to you David!

Also the Heuer buckle looks fantastic!

What a great en generous gift. Now i have 2 people with this watch. 

2 reacties:

  1. Hello,
    Very nice old Heuer watch. Could you kindly tell me from where did you buy the leather bfracelet? Many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Tommy

  2. Thanks!

    The strap was a gift from a friend.. who does his own straps. So i don';t think they are for sale. Sorry.



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