Another lifestyle package... Zenith Daytona

Well you have seen my last post and how i think about stuff.... here is another lifestyle combination. Hope you like it...

As said i am enjoying the combination of stuff. Nice stuff i found... encountered. Mix and match. I did not like the modern Daytona's for a while. But getting those 2 Zenith's made me like them again. I really like the white one on matte bracelet. And the black one i love on the nato strap. Gives it more of a toolwatch look. But that is personal. And i felt to put some different stuff with it. 

For me every Rolex tells a story. These watches are our companion on our road of life. It's such a cliché and still so often we rush from one goal/target to the next. Forgetting about all the nice stuff we meet along. Like all the great friendships that came with this hobby. Finding a watch.. putting it on the wrist sometimes is almost the end of the magic. But during the search you meet people... often new stories.. knowledge etc. 
In this package i wanted to give something extra with the watch. Like a travel bag. I love all the watchmeetings i joined. So nice events and friendships. Feel of trust. And of course a small fountain pen + notebook to write down all those stories. 

Every Rolex tells a story .. let's tell them!
Also i like the Billy Kirk stuff a lot. Handmade with Passion. A small cardholder.. cool stuff.

Hope you like it. The watch/package has been sold... and in future i will change the forum a bit and put some of the stuff i like for sale now and then. Hope you don't mind...

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