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Well... how to put it. When you have been reading my blog you know i am not into Rolex or watches because of the technical part or movements etc. I love the lifestyle of (vintage) watches. The combination of beauty. In art, design, goodies, bags, fashion,.. and watches. And mainly the combination of them. Also i am wearing 50 year old watches... i don't wear cloth like this etc. 

Many friends i have love vintage watches, vintage furniture, vintage cars. But they ain't vintage. They are very modern. And what i love in today's fashion is the mixture of styles. Personal habbits, stuff and preferences. Stuff that is relevant for you. I am in branding. And today, being 'relevant' is one of the most important things in times where everybody has everything... twice.

So for me... this is not only the point where i decided to work on a new company. You will learn about it in a while.. as we are still working on products, brand,... etc. And the process takes a bit longer. But better do it good then hasty.

I want to bring the worlds together. I love stuff done by passion. And i want to combine some of the stuff i like and find.

In the process towards the new company i am looking to have some fun ....  and play with those items. Buying some watches. Enjoying them for a while... combining them with some stuff i like... and then letting go of the package... to have someone else having fun with it. Or adding something else. 
So my joy... get's past on. And used, changed by another person... it will become even more interesting.  

As every watch tells a story and joins us in our journey of life. It is in those moments... when we make new friends and encounter special moments on our path. That we are most connected to ourself. The watch is companion, witness... and keeps telling those stories in the future. 

That is what makes this so special for me....


Here you see some stuff from a great guy from New York. Grahame Fowler. We call him Mr. Cool. With his own vision and style. Living his dream.. making great stuff. Like my limited Tricker boots.
The magazine is a cool magazine done buy a German guy. Shows a lot of Jeans lifestyle.


Check his blog and DNA for some cool stuff.

So when you want to sell a nice watch... let me know. Or even better.. when you are the original owner of a watch and want to past on... so someone will have you stories as well as new stories in it.. let me know. I am always looking for those watches. Original owner vintage watches! I love them!

Also when you are looking for a watch. Let me know. As often i get requests to help find a watch. And have some nice watches for sale.

So there is more to come. ....

3 reacties:

  1. Perfect Bernhard! PLEASE MORE!!!!

    (I like this Package more, because for ME the REAL Rolex Watch
    is a watch with the Original Steel-Bracelet)!!!


  2. Bravo for this brilliant post! Rolex watches are as awesome as the vintage timepieces since they are worth their prices and their durability are guaranteed.

  3. Great jacket! Which Moncler ist that?


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