Friends with great taste

Last night we had a little meeting with some friends from Germany. Just a small group. But people with not only great passion and all relaxed attitude. But also such great taste in watches. In style.. in quality and in character of the watches. All great cases and dials around. So much fun guys ... i love it every time we meet.

I only brought my phone.. so really the images are bad and don't do the quality of the watches any justice! Mint Day-dates,... perfect 6538 underline, perfect 5512's... 5513's.. 6542 tropicals.. etc.. etc.

The Gilt Love... 
I only show a view... we put together. But there where still so many nice watches around. Gmt's.. 5513's.. Patek, Panerai... Explorers.. such a great display.

Some real great Daytona's... Tropical, Newmans,.. Sigma's... 
And the Day-date porn... some nice Stella's !! Yeaaahhhhh.

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