Back to the roots part 2

Simply... i love Maxi Mk1 5513 Submariners. Nothing beats that dial for a 5513. I had 2 before... and now it's back again.

And i love it. First after converting my 1680 maxi dial white Submariner with a #19... i felt... it all i need. And it still is magical. But the 5513 Maxi Mk1 keeps to be one of those watches you put on your wrist and you are lost. #19 on it and the magic is unfolded in front of your eyes with every move.

Here are my old Maxi Mk1's.. 5513 and 5512.

And my 1680 with the #19... like a 5512 Maxi Mk1 + date.

And here my new 5513 Maxi Mk1 ... with nice patina.

 More images will follow soon. And i will do some lifestyle shots with some nice bag and ride... 

1 reacties:

  1. really nice Mk1, Bernhard...
    thanks for sharing.


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