Back to the roots part 1

Well do you also have the feeling we are cruising in circles? I do.. and i love it. When i started in watches i started with some classics. Like Speedmaster, Patek etc.. and the Heuer Monaco. More then 6 years ago. And here i am again...

This was such a beauty. And so cool lifestyle with it. Steve McQueen is the number 1 guy of coolness!

At that time i sold all other watches and went to Rolex roller-coaster. Full speed ahead.. and ended up in grail hunts. Now i am only into real nice watches with some special looks, emotion and style. Patina as an important quality. And just buy what looks cool.

The last 2 years at Passion Meeting i was stunned by the beauty of these blue Monaco's. And we had such great examples over here... i knew one day i will buy one again. Just the right one.. the right time.
And this week it was the moment. I had a watch a good friend wanted... and so it was the perfect moment.
Here it is...  and lucky me. It has been fully serviced by Heuer last year. So wearing it without worries! 
As always... click the images to enlarge them.

Ohhh Steve was soo cool! Also in daily life we mainly know him as wearing a Rolex 5512.
The Heuer Monaco got his place of fame in style, racing and is one of the most iconic watches made.

Some more cool details...

Old Mk1 bracelet... 

 And some crazy Iphone shots...

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  1. That is a very nice watch. I've always liked the Monaco it is near the top of my one of these day's list of watches.


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