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Hi to you all.. as some of you might have seen.. i got myself back into vintage Heuer also.. after pulling the trigger on the 1133B. But also after my dad gave me his longtime watch.. silver dial Heuer Camaro... i wanted a black version of it also.

So i started looking. And took a gamble. Today... after some patience, this one came to me.
I bought it as a pure gamble as the images looked like this.

Corrosion ? damaged dial ?? bad movement..??

I had the feeling there might be some nice flavor in there.. and with some great help from a friend David D. who is a fantastic guy and also member of our little community!!!... i took the gamble.
I so kindly offered me the help to take care of the watch and help to get it serviced by an expert.

The first reply when he received the watch (before i could see it)... sounded ok.. but also some work. He polished the first scratches off the christen.. and the image showed some of the beauty i was looking for.
He send it to a guy he calls the MASTER.... and the feedback was ... some smaller work then expected.
And today it arrived... 




The brown is hard to capture..

It still has the old Freres bracelet.. which looks so cool.

I am so happy. With the bracelet it has this real nice vintage style.

Thanks so much David! I am so happy.


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