The Camaro family

Well this morning i had some time to shoot the Camaro family. As a friend stated... a undervalued classic chrono. Real beauty in style for me. Kind of 70th but still timeless today.
So here is my little party... the silverdial is my dads longtime watch he gave me for X-mas about 1 year ago. After that i wanted a black one also... and 2 brown ones came.
The brown 2 register will probably leave again.. as the 3 register with the bracelet just makes me smile so much. And i want to find a great black dial 3 register Carrera also.
But for  now it's great fun..

So nice details.. 

 I am a sucker for brown.. and it suits todays style very well. Chrono on nato..

There are many nice classic watches out there... still to be discovered...

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