Spring need some color

You have seen i like nato straps. We have all done it on submariners and gmt's. But what i like is to also some funky straps to more classical watches. A 36 mm Day-Date becomes more cool and fashionable to my like this. Personal taste of course.
And here is some nato overload for you. A great friend and Mr. Cool in our watch community gave a great present a while back. and i kept filling it up.

The ultimate nato-lover tool.... the nato-roll.

Of course we have the classic look.  I really loike the DD on nato. Also leather nato looks nice.

But then i also like to add a different 'anti-traditional' flavor... contrast makes it more exciting for me. And it's so great to switch on almost daily basis..


So much fun and nice on the wrist..

But also fun with another classical watch which would normally be worn on more classical nato.

So enough of playtime left.. thanks Grahame!

Look at his shop for some ultra cool stuff!

4 reacties:

  1. How can I get one? You say "look at his shop"...but I don't know where to look! :)

  2. How about Google Grahame Fowler ;-)

    Here you go...


  3. Hi Bernhard. Where would I find the gray, black, yellow Nato strap that is on the Omega Speedmaster? Thanks!

  4. These nato straps are fantastic, the wine red and white strap would go perfectly with my favourite shoes. I'd never have thought to put the two together it works so well!


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