London Calling... Rolex friends meeting.

This week we had a great meeting in London. 

Greatly hosted and with a great group of passionate collectors, dealers. 
Hosted at a great location. For me it was extra special as i made the trip together with my 77 years old dad. As a kid i always joined him in his collecting hobby. Now he joined me. It was a very special and great event...
Not only because of the great watches and my dad. But also because these are the moments to meet long time friends and make some new ones. Meeting new people. What also was so great about this one was, that it was a great mixture between long term and hardcore collectors and people in a earlier stage of the vintage love... or with less exclusive watches. And the great talks between them.

I love London. And with my dad it was the first time i visited the more tourist places also.

We started at Soho in the club of our great friend Paul Maudsley from Bohams.
Great drinks.. and first talks with old friends.

Booooom ther it was. Why Rolex did not produce it is still a question for me. I loved the looks of it. The Yachtmaster Daytona...

A great collection of a friend... NOS Omani.

Hillary and Tenzing in the house..

Off we went to the main event at Home House. A private club .. hosted for us by Daniel Bourn. I was there a couple of years ago. What a great place!
And here our 2 hosts who put this all together.

Some Newman love...

Amazing watches..

I love this watch...

With some great dinner to come..

Please take you watch off the wrist and put it on the table...

And Mojito time at the bar.

Late night  drinks... and early up to visit some London basics with my dad.

I had such a great time.
Thanks guys for all the great work and effort!!

5 reacties:

  1. Great pics and great GTG, thanks for posting Bulli.

  2. Thank you for joining us Bernhard, it was good to see you again, and your support for our watch gathering was deeply appreciated! I hope you enjoyed some quality time with your father in London! I'm looking forward to the next meeting already..!

    Mike Wood


  3. One of the best day of my life! So many nice watches and a lot of great friends.
    Guillaume Gautier

  4. Thanks guys! Yes it was really amazing! Thanks again for all the fun and organizing Mike! I know how much it takes!
    Enjoy and rest... till soon!


  5. Wow, sounds like you guys had some serious fun. That Rolex Prototype Yacht-Master is apparently 1 of only 3 ever made.

    When are where is the next gathering?


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