Lifestyle project in process

One of my first lifestyle projects is to pimp this bike i bought off the street. To try to make something nice out of it. Urban fun bike with patina. An old racing bike frame.. and add a bit of style.
It will be posing in photo shoots for Bulang & Sons and maybe end up in a nice package with a watch ;-)
It's a 80th frame. Not a real rare one. Columbus SL tubes.

I love the blue color.. but it needs some extra style. So let's strip it... and also it shows to much graphics...

There will be a couple of new parts added to the bike. And all will be serviced. So it is a great combination between parts with that vintage vibe and new details. 

We will try to keep the old breaks but new old style rubber.

Also i wanted to keep the old Shimano parts. It ain't Campagnolo ... but looks great.

JUST AN UPDATE.... almost ready.....

Maybe some special graphics on the frame???

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