The Ultimate matte dial Submariner...

Do you like the classic Rolex 1680 Submariner? Or the 5512 Maxi Mk1? How about all in one...

So get a nice Rolex1680 Submariner with some fat indexes.... .and i added a little something to it which makes this watch even a bigger eye candy.
These late 70th 1680′s have the Maxi indexes just like the 5513/5512 Submariners. But with the normal plexi crystal those fat big plots keep kind of hidden. Now comes the magic… add an #39 superdomed plexi normally used on seadwellers; and pop the indexes are just pure eye-candy. Like an rare 5512 Maxi Mk1.

So you get an Submariner with looks that combine the best of both worlds. Classic Submariner case… Maxi Mk1 5512 looks (4-lines of text) plus a date function. Which now is less dominant (more like 1665 Seadweller). And all in a very comfortable size and feel on the wrist like a vintage Submariner. What more sex on your wrist can you ask for?


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