Some vintage Icons... Rolex and Louis Vuitton

Here a little impression of these 2 icons of classic style. The Louis Vuitton Keepball and a killer brown dial Datejust.

I am happy to present you this real great combination. Of 2 classic icons. Yes the set is for sale at the Bulang & Sons website, but i love it so much i could not resist to show it here also. i really love the matching leather look between the vintage LV bag and the vintage leather look nato strap. Combined with that magical dial it's just amazing.

This Datejust shows just such a magic when wearing it. The dial changes color with changing light. Darker lighter, browner, more creamy.. it's just a cool roller-coaster.
This is what i love these days in watches. These special things. Different from the regular. Harder to find. But not a big number watch. Just great Sex on the wrist for more suitable budget.
As we see after Christies... the big reference hunt has become a game of the happy view. But this doen not mean we can't enjoy great special watches.

The same goes for me with the bag. Personally i would not buy a new Louis Vuitton bag these days. For me it's to showing. Easy.. just get in line with 500 others and put the money down. Maybe over branded. Maybe also an icon of an commercialized society...

But the vintage one at least for me has a different flavor. Maybe it's also an illusion. But again.. i get the feeling of what this bag has seen. Of heritage etc. I love it.

See the great patina.

And my daily lifestyle when wearing. The Iphone case is just a blast! My old pencil, Oscar Gydell bracelet and a Stetson. I love the Datejust on this vintage leather strap. As it gives the watch a more tool watch look. And as these are very thin it keeps in line with the case of the Datejust.

But some might prefer the more classic look on a jubilee.

Keep them coming. So much fun in watches these days!

5 reacties:

  1. Great post. Where is the strap from?

  2. hi there.. it's from my webshop


  3. I love the rugged leather strap on that rolex in the first few images, it gives this swiss watch a cowboy twist to it.

  4. wher e can you buy that watch

  5. The watch wS SOLD a while ago. For offers we have you can check


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