Vintage Heuer Carrera

An vintage icon i have been looking at since the last years. As a chronograph lover the black dial Carrera was on my list for a while... but i was still chasing Rolex Daytona's. But i could not resist any longer.
And let's be honest. What is it, that the Rolex 6239 Daytona fetches much higher prices.. when the movement ani't better. The looks are almost identical. These Heuer's show all the syle from those 60th chrono's. Sport watches. And very cool. A lot of racing drivers have been wearing them. As Heuer is connected to vintage Racing. Which adds a different flair then Rolex. But not less exciting.

I will not talk about all details like movements and variations in this article. And Hodinkee did a nice article on the history of the watch.

So here is a bit of different flavor from me. I added a cool nato strap to the watch. Of course most people wear them on a Heuer leather strap with racing holes. Looks great. But i prefer to wear it on a nato. As it makes it bigger and more tool watch. First images are a bit funky ;-)

See how the classic design matches the timeless style.
Sure all that color might be a bit much for most people ;-)

The plexi was crackled when i bought it. I just added a new plexi and a less colorful nato. And now its perfect. One of my watches which got most wrist time the last 2 month.

And here are some of the other dial variations.

And vintage Heuer Lifestyle is so nice...

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